L4000 High Security Cylinder Lock Box

The L4000 cylindrical lock box is designed to be set into the wall so the door sits flush with the outside of the wall.  The door is constructed from 1.5” thick stainless steel, with 3 locking bolts around the perimeter.  Due to the flush-mount installation it is extremely difficult to get any purchase on the tube to pry it off the wall.  The thickness of the door also prevents tampering.


Locking mechanism on the L4000 Cylindrical Lock Box (locked)
Side view of an engraved cylindrical lock box
Top view of the L4000MF lock box
Locking mechanism of the L4000MF lock box (unlocked)
L4000MF cylindrical lock box
L4000CF cylindrical lock box
L4000C Drawing
L4000M Drawing
L4000 Brochure
L4000 Installation Instructions